Solar Roadways Changing the Face of the Future

You must have heard about solar cells, extended to solar panels and even solar lamps. But did you ever read or heard about solar roads? Little confused and mesmerized. Had a mirth. It’s soon going to be a reality and trust me it will surely change the way you think.

Solar Roadways Changing the Face of the Future
Solar Roadways Changing the Face of the Future

It is simple to understand yet difficult to know how. Solar panels are embedded on the roads instead of the tar that is usually used. Hexagonal shaped solar panels are used by Scott and Julie who are in the verge of changing the future.  

There are many LED lights embedded into it, thus making it a multi-purpose utility. The LED can change according to the pre-programmed instruction and also guide the vehicle in the night. High focus lamps at nights can be minimized thus cutting the costs. Since they are solar cells, they can generate electricity. So when vehicles are converted into electrical hybrid or simply electrical one, then you can recharge anywhere along the road as and when you wish.

There are even pressure sensors that can detect persons, animals, vehicles or rocks falling on them. Let us say, a deer is crossing a road in the night and you are approaching it at fast speed. Then there will be surely a collision. But the intelligent hexagonal solar panels detect the pressure and through the LED lights embedded on them, it will send a STOP signal at a distance so that the deer crosses safely.

There are even heating elements attached to it which works on the electricity produced by the cells. So the need to pave the snow during the summer is removed. This saves lot of resources and time. The snow falling on it quickly melts and becomes water and flows into the channel just adjacent to the road,

Thus in short, solar roadways can:

·         Produce Electricity
·         Act as a recharge station for vehicles
·         Inform the impending disaster in advance
·         Melt the snow
·         Reduce carbon foot print
·         Reduce greenhouse gases
·         Reduce dependence on non-renewable resources
·         Increase job opportunities

In short, solar roadways are the way to the future technology.

~Shyam KC

Vegetable Batteries

All the wall clocks hanging in the house are usually analog. What happens if the battery drains out? If you don't have one, what will you do?

You can now run a clock with your vegetables itself!!! Yes, even with the vegetables you can now run the clock.

Make it yourself:

Its simple and easy. Get two nails and wires. The copper in the wires will act as one electrode and the iron which the nail is made of will act as cathode. The potato will act as an electrolyte for the flow of charges.

Potato is not the only one which will be acting like this. Many citrus fruits like lemon,orange, musambi etc too act like an electrolyte.

The list is endless. Even the onions, kiwi, grapes, watermelons, Amla will serve as an electrolyte.

Now why are you waiting?? Get your your vegetables and start experimenting with it.

Answer the questions that comes to your mind?

Does changing the fruit or vegetable affect the voltage produced? Why does it affect it??

Yes, it does affect the voltages.....For answers get your lower class chemistry brushed up a little.

Interstellar knowledge at ease!!!

Many of us gaze the stars at night and dreamed of meeting an alien peoples. The theory and concepts of the interstellar space may have confused and puzzled you, but never fails to amuse one.

By the way what really is black holes? A hole which is black? A Worm hole where a worm lives? ain't like that!!!

For a first time in your life you must have heard things like that when you watched the movie interstellar. Familiar with relativity, the concepts involved the future physics. Here am I, to make you understand the topics more clearly, so that you can easily understand these most complicated things in a blink of your eye !!!

Black Hole:

What happens when you throw a ball up in the air? It returns? Why is it so? The answer is obvious- Gravity. You must ave heard the term escape velocity. The escape velocity is the minimum velocity which is required to escape from the gravitational pull of an object.

In order to escape from the gravitational pull of the earth you need to travel at a speed of 11.2 km/s. So there would be such objects in the space that would have more gravitational pull than the earth. So your speed has to be more, so that you can escape from its gravitational field.

So when a gravitational pull becomes very high, such that even the speed of light can not escape from its field, such areas are known as black holes. Since even the light can not escape from its pull, it does not reflect anything, so it seems to be black. Thus the name black hole.

Worm Hole:

A vague interpretation of wormhole can be- "shortcut in space". To understand this concept more clearly in space,let me give you an example. Consider two buildings. If you at at the top of the first building and you want to go to the top of another building, the regular way is to reach the ground floor of the first building and take an elevator of the other building to reach its top. This takes too much of time. What if there is a bridge or a flyover connecting the two building??
You can save a considerable amount of time. 
So in space, the two buildings are your two galaxies or two separate systems and the bridge is your worm hole.


As for the Newton's third law, for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. There is a yin for a yang, male for a female, he for a she, good for a evil. So does a "matter".

Lets get deeper into this. For negative charge of electrons you have protons to compensate for it. So what does matter have? That is anti- matter. When matter and anti- matter combines there will be a total annihilation.  An example of anti matter for electron is positron. I think many of you would have heard about positron which are emitted by  β+decay radiations. The possibility to achieve the speed of light is through anti-matter, which can propel you even faster than light. 

White hole:

If you guess the white hole as the exact opposite of black hole then you are right. A black whole is a thing from which you cannot escape and white hole is a thing you cannot reach its horizon. As far as the genius minds of this area know, they say that these are due to the gamma ray bursts in space. Since black hole absorbs all the matter, where does all the matter go? Thus came the concept of white hole.

Universal translator is now here!!!

Life gets miserable when you roam in your own country and don't know how to speak the native language of the place. You usually cling to a friend you know who know to speak the native language or call him up for any help. When you are travelling aboard then you are gone. Russian, Spanish, Latin, Chinese.....lots more in the list.

The life would be a breeze when a super power comes to you, and you are able to speak all the languages that is known to the world.

Else our only viable option available to us is Google translate. But it takes time. What if you want to order something and the waitress speak in his own native tongue. Sitting there and translating each word will seem impossible.


The Solution:

All your trouble will vanish like a bubble. The new device SIGMO is now here to solve the problems. Whatever language the other person speaks, it will translate it for you, as he or she speaks. You can listen in your own chosen language, and also speak in your own desired language. It will translate what you speak in his or her language.

Yeah......that will be easy and convenient both for you and the other person with whom you are talking to.


It works on the internet connection. It is a cloud based application where it uses the help of the Google translate to help you out. The text is then converted back to speech so that you can hear it.
So be sure that where ever you roam, you have the internet access along with you. Else the device will just act as a speaker and a microphone.

So grab one SIGMO now and travel around the world with breeze.

Super Fast charging of a battery

We are now in the world where we find ourselves in such a hectic position that we want to buy "TIME" with our money.
No time even to charge "our" batteries as well as our gadgets.

We are so dependent on our digital gadgets that if the battery drains out and turns off, it seems hell to us.

So our top priorities are quick charging and long lasting battery life.

  So if I say, I have got a battery which can charge 70% in just 2 minutes and it lasts 20 times longer, won't you be interested in buying one?

                                               Super Fast charging of a battery

Mystery unleashed:

The human mind being inquisitive and curious, you would long to know the secret behind.
Then here is the answer:

The main difference between the standard lithium batteries and new lithium batteries lies in the electrode part.

Reason for speed:

The standard lithium batteries uses graphite electrode as anode. Bit the newly discovered lithium batteries by NTU scientists uses titanium dioxide gel as anode. The titanium dioxide gel is in nano meter size. So decrease in size increases the rate of the reaction.
This simple innovation led to super fast charging of the battery i.e. 70% in just 2 minutes.

Reason for small size:

Standard lithium batteries uses additives to bind electrodes to the anode. But new cross linked titanium dioxide electrodes eliminate this need, so save space and improve efficiency.

Environment friendly:

Titanium dioxide is found abundant in the soil and are safer than its older counterparts.

"It is so SAFE that it is used AS FOOD ADDITIVES and as SUNSCREEN.

Last longer:

The new avatar of battery is long lasting too. It can last up to 20 years as compared to a normal battery which just works well till 2 years. As a result waste generated by it also less.

Faster and easier manufacturing cost:

Titanium dioxide and sodium hydroxide are mixed together and stirred under a certain temperature. Battery manufacturers will find it easy to integrate our new gel into their current production process.
As a result the cost of the battery also reduces and will cost much cheaper then the standard lithium batteries.

You are excited about this or not, I don't know. But I am really excited to grab one as soon as it is released in the market.

No need to refuel in 100 years, Next Gen Cars are here

FORGET !!!! Old Gen is gone!!!

I don't understand why we cling to the age old methods of driving the engine by the piston? Is there any other methods to power the engine better?

Are we stuck to this only idea of delivering power to the engine system?

NOPES.......We are humans and we know how to innovate and renovate things.

No need to refuel in 100 years, Next Gen Cars are here


What if I say, I give you the keys of the car that is feasible with the existing technology and and you need to fuel it only once in your WHOLE LIFE TIME. Won't you be interested??

Yes, you are not dreaming, it is really true.

A car powered by thorium lasers can just do this as what I said above. In this concept car it uses high energy laser source which is used as a heat source to propel the car forward. The car doesn't have the conventional power system and is replaced by a high end sophisticated heat  transferring system.

Unlike other lasers, Thorium lasers do not produce coherent light. They only emit large amount of heat which can be utilized to produce electricity. This can be used to power the car.

Just 8gm, yes just 8grams is what you need to power this car and it will run 3 lakh miles.

If you thinking that thorium is radio active and again yes, you are right. But no need to worry, a thin film is want you need to protect yourself from the radio active element thorium.

The future is here and just few steps near,
The new incredible car is soon going to be commercially credible.

Charge Your Phone When You Speak

We are so attached to our mobile phones that losing it, even for a second will be a hell for us. We generally overuse it and find no time to charge it in our hectic life.
 What if the mobile charges whenever you speak or wait in the traffic or talk to your clients?

Charge Your Phone When You Speak

We have seen wireless charging, wired charging but this one is new to the market. Yes, if your guess was SOUND charging then your are right. Yes, it is REALLY SOUND CHARGING.


Every energy can be converted into one form to other form of energy. So we can convert pressure (piezoelectric) to electricity, wind to electricity, solar energy to electricity then why not sound to electricity ???

Sound can be converted into electricity by small vibrating membranes which can produce a small potential difference when the membrane is disturbed from the initial position. Zinc oxide when converted into thin layers, could act as a membrane. In fact sound energy is converted into pressure and the pressure applied on the membrane which results in electricity.

Nano scale metal sheets or rods are coated  with the zinc oxide layer. The conductivity of electricity from the nano rods could be from gold or even from aluminium foils.

This device can produce a 5 V which is sufficient to charge a battery of a mobile.

Its time to charge yourself to shout to charge your mobile !!!

Wrinkle Free Life

Wrinkles, wrinkles every it on face or on the clothes, we hate them. With the next generation textiles we get wrinkle free clothing. But whats the reason behind these clothing getting wrinkled?
Lets find out!!!


Usually our clothing is cellulose based. Be it be cotton or linen, all come under this category.
Mostly nylon clothing are cellulose free. Now whats behind cellulose??

Garments get wrinkles due to two things:
  • Water
  • Heat

While washing clothes, the hydrogen present in the water combines with bonds present in the cellulose hence changing the shape of the bonds. These bonds are not formed throughout the garment due to energy considerations. So a particular place gets distorted which we call it as wrinkles.


The energy required to break these cellulose is much lower. So when you iron your clothes the bonds gets broken and they become loose atoms. So when we apply heat and water they bonds get reshaped and again form new bonds. So we get wrinkle free.

Wrinkle free :

How to get wrinkle free garments? Its as easy as that. Remove the cellulose from the fiber and add other substance instead of that.
We can also prevent wrinkles by making the bonds of the cellulose resistant to water by making the hydrogen bonds hydrophobic.

There are many ways for a wrinkle free life.....If you know some, comment a few!!!

Why DTH over cable networks?

With the age of modernization, demands change, technologies get better and entertainment is brought to your door step.
One such thing is the evolution of television popularly known as TV. Earlier we used to get only one channel through an antenna, if you remember. Then we switched on to the cable networks and now we hooked upon the new generation DTH systems.


There should be some reason for this shift from the cable networks to the DTH services. What were the reasons for this change even though DTH is costlier than cable networks.

  • The cable networks are analog in nature, so the reception quality is low as compared to DTH services which is digital in nature.
  • The bandwidth of the DTH is also more than that of the cable networks so there is a possibility of viewing more channels.
  • You can have access to the internet, movies, games and other entertainment facilities in DTH as compared to cable networks that only provides you with the channels.
  • You can pay only for those channels which you watch or even demand for a channel that you want to watch.
How really DTH works??

You will be eager and inquisitive to know how really a DTH system works.

For your ease simply correlate it with your mobile sim card.

  •  DTH also has a smart card that identifies your subscription id or your reference number just like sim card recognizes your mobile number.
  •  It allows you to access, paid channel only if you subscribe for that, just as you pay only for the services and schemes subscribed in your mobile.
  •  The smart card has a small memory capacity inside it which stores these information and decodes the encrypted signals the same function as that of a sim card.
 All the signals received are in microwave range and are de-multiplexed in intermediate frequency range which is lower than the received ones into audio and video signals for the user.

A small fact :

The DTH are also useful to the broadcasters and operators as they are able to track the exact number of subscribers which is not possible in cable networks.

So in DTH services operators are expected to get higher income, that's the reason many telecasting group push DTH services.

A simple way to become thin and vice versa

A pouch, people carry around them. Its size easily increases but takes time to decrease. The fact that I am talking about is "tummy".

What if thin people become fat and fat people can give their extra kilos gained by them to their thinner counter parts. Wow, that would be great, and all people would be fit and slim. Then whats the idea behind this funny yet possible fact.


People with tummies tend to accumulate fat in the stomach. Due to lack of exercise or some internal problem, these fat do not burn to convert into energy. As a result of this, layers of fat are formed in the stomach. And the exact opposite happens to those who are thin. Heavy loss of energy or fast digestion of fat.
So if we transfer the layers of fat accumulated in a fat person it would be great.

My Idea:

Fat are not dissolved in water but easily dissolved in ethanol. So my idea is make a connection by a means of a small capillary tube with a needle attached to the stomach of the thinner person and a fat person. Now let the tube have two compartments with each separated by cellulose acetate ( the one used in osmosis process, if you remember). As the alcohol concentration decreases in one side as it dissolves fat, the concentration at one side decreases. The alcohol easily dissolves the fat thus decreasing the concentration of alcohol at one end. This will tend the alcohol to move to the alcohol to the other side of the compartment. At one point, this creates saturation and the fats of both the person will be equal and both will have same fat concentration and will look fit and fine.

This will help both equally and the method is easy and simple.

"In this world,
Thin people yearn to become fat, 
And fat ones yearn to be thin"

How does a plane manage to dodge radars and other tracking devices?

The incident of MH370 still remains fresh in our minds. How did the plane dodge all the radar? How come the radars were not able to trace the aircraft?
A question arises in your mind then. Can an aircraft really dodge the radars?
You might have often heard of stealth technology. Lets see what that really means and how can an airplane or a jet be invisible to radars?

How does a plane manage to dodge radars and other tracking devices?

The fact:

Prior we know how how stealth technology works, we must know how the radar really works. The RADAR ( RAdio Detection And Ranging ) as the acronym suggests works in the range of radio frequency. The radar emits a beam of radio waves which when hits an objects reflects back. This reflected beam is detected by the radar and the object is also detected by knowing the direction in which the beam has been reflected.

So now you would be getting an idea how to "hide" from a radar. There are several ways to remain undetected by the radar. The most possible methods you must have guessed is given below:

  • ---> To jam the radar signal
  • ---> To pass the radio signal by bending it.
  • ---> To absorb the radio signal by using radio wave absorbent material.
  • ---> To introduce electromagnetic disturbance in the air.

To jam the radar, we can introduce electronic countermeasures commonly known as ECM. It is not one technology but many technologies combined together to form the overall stealth technology. Initially the airplanes were made of hexagonal glass such that the incoming radio waves get deflected over the plane and does not reflect back to the radar in the ground station. Added to this radar absorbent materials were also added to make it more effective. Later on, with improvement in the technology, the idea changed to modifying the aerodynamics of the jets rather than to jam the radars.


Even though the stealth jets are passively detected by the radars they are slow and unstable due to the constraints involved.
If they travel at high speeds then it would create a sonic boom and this would be detected by sonar. It becomes aerodynamically unstable due to its design for low detection. Each time its yaw,roll and pitch angles has to be corrected to maintain a stable flight.

How can you swipe a screen without even touching it?

You may find it difficult to use your smartphones when your hands are wet or dirty. You end up messing screen of your phone, in order to attend a call or swipe the screen or to view a pic. Don't worry my people, the era of smart screen has now come.

You can now just hover over your phone to get your job done. Simply move your hand over the screen in order to scroll or attend a call and's done !!!

You may seem quite inquisitive about how this really works and I am going to unravel things for you.

How it works:

If you are new to this let me explain how the touch screen works. The screen is divided into many equal sections where there is a constant flow of current. If you touch the screen, the electric field at that point varies. As a result your touch is detected.
Still the hover technology works on the basis of the capacitive screen. The notable difference being the type of capacitve technology implemented in the screen circuitry. There are two types of capacitive screens:

  • -Mutual capacitance
  • -Self capacitance
Mutual capacitance has very low electric field around the screen. So the electric field just above the phone is very small but senses multiple touches made on the screen. The range of detection of a single section point is very small so as to enable itself to detect multiple touches. 

Whereas self capacitance technology has larger electric field, so the electric field can be detected even at some height over the phone. This phenomenon is exploited in our favour. The difference in electric field is monitored and accordingly the screen reacts to your gestures. 

Sometimes both these technologies co-exist together in your phone so as to enable both multi touch and hover technology. But note that you can use both multi touch and hover together. Usually the level of electric field is decreased in order to eliminate the effect of ghosting which can imposter a touch on your screen.

 Now meddle with your new gesture based phone with the knowledge of how it really works!!!  

Can we use earphones during work outs ?

All are addicted to music. There will a very few in million who turn this point down. We are moved and get lost in the world of music. We tend to hear music whenever we want and where ever we go. We just can't control it and it would be impossible without it. So we usually listen to the music in loudspeaker or in a headphone. Many prefer the latter as it does not disturb the people around you. We wear these headphones or earphones even while we exercise. Is this desirable? Does this not effect our ear?

Can we use earphones during work outs ? : Facts n Fiction

The fact:

There is no question arising when it comes to prove that music boosts up your overall performance during your work outs. Your efficiency increases when you listen to music. Even though you would have seeing scores of ads publicizing their earphones particularly made for exercising and work outs, it does have some disadvantages. 
What are these disadvantages? Is this a serious problem.
When you ask me it is YES.
Aerobics and jogging push the blood more towards the limbs rather than your ear. Thus your ear is deprived of significant amount of blood which usually flows through it. This makes our ear membrane more prone to sound. So even a small sound could cause a heavy damage to the ear. So wen you listen to the music in the earphone in the usual sound it can even cause a permanent ear damage. If you are an ardent lover of music and you cant resist it, so lower the volume by half to that you listen usually. 
Some rubber insulation can also cause skin infection due to sweat. You cant prevent sweat coming out when you work out. Plugging the earphones in your ear causes the sweat to prevent easy evaporation. As a result it may even cause infection in prolonged usage.

My Advice:

Even though you are a music lover, you can just stop listening to the music during external work outs. If you really want to listen to it, then use a loudspeaker instead of a earphone or headphone. This may help you a lot, in taking care of your own ears.

Why CFL lamps don't flicker and have spiral structure ?

Lets say a decade before, you were told to replace your old filament bulbs with that time favorite tube lights. You would surely hate the tube light and loved the bulbs for one sole reason that is flickering. The tube light may take even minutes to turn fully on and give a constant light dissipation. This was not there in bulbs even though they were inefficient in converting the electricity to light. So the main problem with the tube light was flickering. This was rectified in the new generation CFL's.

Why CFL lamps don't flicker and have spiral structure ?
Why CFL lamps don't flicker and have spiral structure ?

How it is different from the conventional tubelights and why does it not flicker when it is turned on?

Let's find out!!!

The Idea behind it :

Before we know why a normal CFL ( Compact Fluorescent Light ) does not flicker, lets snoop into its principal how it really works.

CFL's can be divided into two main parts. One is the ballast which can be magnetic or electronic, which is usually covered in a case. The second one is a gas filled tube, which you can easily see from outside.
To remove flickering we generally use electronic ballast instead of magnetic ballast because they are much faster and compact. 
Lets have an overlook of what electronic ballast comprises of. They contain a small PCB with rectifiers, a filter capacitors and generally two switching transistors. It follows the following steps:

1. Incoming AC current is first converted to DC.
2. It is then converted into high frequency AC by the transistors.
3. The resulting high frequency is applied to the tube.

Working :

The resulting high frequency excites the electrons inside the CFL which has mercury vapors and argon inside. It is also coated with phosphor. This gets illuminated when the electron falls on it. So larger the surface area it is coated, more faster will be its illumination time. The sharp edges at the spiral also boost up the speed of the electron thus accelerating it. Thus we don't see the CFL's flicker. This is not there in the conventional type of tube light.


  1. Since it uses mercury vapors, its disposal is not Eco-friendly.
  2. Since it is a point source rather than a line source of light like tubelight, the light intensity in all directions is not same. So near the CFL the intensity is more.

Why does the steering wheel vibrate?

Most of us like to drive super speed cars but end up driving a decade old engines. Even though we know that it cannot reach the mind boggling speeds, we push the throttle hard enough, just to end up drinking more fuel and coughing  more exhaust fumes, just to accelerate the speed to a kilometer or two. Even that we don't care about. When you reach a specified speed the whole car starts to vibrate and you don't know why. But when you slow down the vibrations disappears as a magic. This you may have felt even in slow speeds at around 10-12 km/hr. You may ask a question? Why does this happen? Whats the reason behind it?

Why does the steering wheel vibrate?
Why does the steering wheel vibrate?


As the steering wheel is connected to the wheels, the problem lies in the wheels and engine only. If the wheels are not aligned properly or if your wheels have slipped belt i.e the wear and tear is only in a specific zone then your wheels tend to wobble. This in turn makes the steering wheel to vibrate.

Another reason can be resonance. Earlier car bodies and their suspensions were not adjusted to high speed limits. So when you accelerate your car to higher speeds then the whole car body and suspension starts to vibrate. This may stop when you cross the range of resonance speed at which it vibrates.

Even if the engine is weak and not powerful enough to push your car to higher speeds, your steering wheel vibrates due to the internal vibration of the engine. The reason is that the engine is not able to bear the load and is not able to pull the car to higher speed due to lack of power. This problem is dealt in modern cars by implementing heavy dampers and shock absorbers.

There are several other reasons like bent rim and sometimes the joint of the control valve is not properly connected.

So even if your car is old, don't worry. Just realign your wheels and fasten some bolts to get some relief at higher speeds.

Why do we run anti-clockwise in a jogging track?

We usually jog to maintain our health. Some like to jog all the way along the road and some in the athletic tracks. If you are little inquisitive and asked your brain, why are the joggers running in the same direction?
You must have also have seen the athletic events in the television or in real. All of them run in anti- clockwise direction. Did you think why?

Why do we run anti-clockwise in a jogging track?
Why do we run anti-clockwise in a jogging track?

Answer is simple and plane. All involves logic and little correlation of few things.


If you think that the reason is something related to the rotation of the earth then you are absolutely right. It is related with the spin of the earth. The earth rotates counter-clockwise and so are we. Its is proved by scientific facts that if we run in the counter-clockwise i.e. along the direction of the earth's roation, our speed increases relative to that of running in opposite direction. When we run in the opposite direction, we have to spend some extra energy to overcome the centrifugal force of the earth which is greater in the opposite direction.
It is even proved in World Athletic Championships. In southern hemisphere, it is the other way round. If you run in the clockwise direction you will run faster. But according to the rules of the track events, the athlete has to run in the anti-clockwise direction. For this reason, the athletes are at disadvantage compared to those in the  Northern hemisphere. No world records have been set in the Southern hemisphere till now.

So from on.....if you want to beat someone in a race....ask him to run in clockwise direction and you, the other way round..

Why does the snake does not die from its own venom?

You must have seen how dangerous these reptiles can be, may be in real life or in the television shows. They have their own mechanisms to protect themselves. Some of their venom is so strong that it may prove to be fatal. If I were you, then a basic question arises in my mind. How do they protect from their own venom? If it kills us, then it should also kill them. What is special in them that protects them. Let's find out!!

Why does the snake does not die from its own venom?
Why does the snake does not die from its own venom?


The reason is that they have separate venom producing glands. The venom is generally made up of amino acids. A small coat of sugar crystals cover the outer surface of the gland which does not dissolve in the amino acids. So even when the venom is present in the glands they prove to be harmless to them. The venom is only harmful if it combines with our blood stream. Generally we die of venom because the amino acids present in the venom combines with the blood stream to clot our blood. So our blood flow stops and as a result death occurs.
You may have another question arising in the mind. You would have seen a snake eating another snake or heard of people eating snakes. Then why don't they die? The reason is more or less the same. If we eat the snake, and till it reaches stomach, there is no contact with the blood. And in the stomach strong acids dissolve the venom i.e. amino acids to convert into simple salts. So after that the venom is just like normal salts.

A suprising fact:
At last a suprising thing is that you must have seen mongoose does not die easily even if it is bitten. The reason behind this is that even the glands of the mongoose are sugar coated. So till the frag of the snake pierces through, to enter the blood stream, the mongoose doesn't die.

Shoes for all, from the birth to death....

From the start of the day when you are a year old, I suppose, you will be attached with this thing. And if you are going to the school then it is a part and parcel of your life. Now if you are not getting any idea what "this thing" really means, then here is the answer, SHOES. Yes, shoes, that's what I meant to say all this time.

Shoes for all, from the birth to death....

What if these shoes attached with us from the beginning of life till our final bend grows along with us? This may seem an idiotic thing but it is not impossible. It literally means growing. Then you all have a common thing in mind that how it is supposed to grow? Is it organic? Does it have life? Do non-living things grow?

Now break open your mind and then think in a broader aspect of my view point. Then you will understand. The answer further to know more!!!


The idea is very plain and simple. Someone will even get irritated if I reveal now. The main and basic framework of my idea comes from the skating wheels where you can modify the length of the shoes. Not all the skating shoes have this provision though. My idea is to implement this strategy in normal shoes itself. The idea is to make adjustable shoes so that everyone can wear the shoes. You may be compelled to change your favourite shoes since you are not able to insert you little bigger feet into that. You sometimes long for your old favourite shoes. This can be made true if the front portion is made a separate entity and the length of it can be increased or decreased according to our needs.

The next thing is, when you get your leg fractured or your feet gets swelled due to some or the other reason, then you are curtailed of your shoes. Now if the shoes are made of elastic type of material and if the upper portion of it can be adjusted, then it becomes a breeze for those having trouble with their feet.

The advantages of this are many even though a question arises in your mind. Does the shoes wear and tear after sometime? Then what is the whole idea behind this " shoes from beginning to death" ? It is a mere waste of time.

No. The overall idea lies behind the amount and material cost involved. If your front portion of your shoes are damaged then you can replace the front part only as it is detachable and if you feel your back heel has experienced the most damage then feel free to change the back portion of your shoes only. So you can modify your shoes as you wish. The whole thing depends on you how you modify the shoes.

Get going and experience the new era of "changing footwears".

The negative impact of renewable energy sources

~ shyam k.c

Busy lost in the world of new forms of renewable energy sources, we barely think of its greater impact in the long run. Believe it or not, some forms of renewable sources have greater negative impact than the good it does to us. Jot out few of them and just think for yourselves the negative impact of them for a minute or two. You would get a endless number, running into pages. If not then continue reading this.

The negative impact of renewable energy sources
The negative impact of renewable energy sources

The gust of the wind can make tallest of the tallest buildings kneel before them. So mankind thought of exploiting this energy for productive purposes. But forgot to analyse longer impact. To explain my point of negative aspect of this energy, let me take an simple example.

Whenever you are sweating or feel the temperature rising, you tap the switch and turn the fan on. If you think that the fan COOLS the temperature DOWN, then you are WRONG. The fan does not really cool the temperature around it. Then the immediate question you ask is, then how come we stop sweating?

The answer is as easy as that. The fan aids in faster evaporation. The very same reason why the clothes dry faster in a windy season. The fan removes the moist air around you, and allows the dry air to enter. This dry air is devoid of the moisture, so the water on the surface evaporates faster.

Now just relate our household fans with those giant fans of windmills. The moving blades of the windmill push the moist air in the region further away from that region. You may ask how come it is related? The answer is, the rain clouds as you know is also moist in nature. These giant fans pushes these rain clouds away from the region. So in the long run, if the region where the windmills are present are a beauty to the eyes, then it will eventually turn into a day time nightmare without even a tinge of green trees for miles, on the long run.

The smell of the flowers, the beauty of the rainbow, the sound of a cuckoo and the feel of being drenched in the rain will all be a dream for the people now living in the regions near the windmill farms.

So my people, get AWARE and BEWARE of its impact. Else it's a CHECKMATE.

Smokeless fireworks !!!!

Smokeless Fireworks

This is the season of firecrackers bursting and those rockets mesmerizing the sky. The colorful shows presented by these firecrackers is never a miss. It always attracts millions and I guess you never want to miss a show. But the beauty doesn't come with a 'beast' besides it. Isn't it?

The pollution it causes over a short span of time during festive season is tremendous.  The pollution levels it causes reaches almost above average levels. But if you insist me to stop bursting crackers, I won't even heed you. The same situation applies to most of us. There should be some other alternative to bring down the pollution levels during this time. Else environmentalist break on us blaming that we were the ones causing major harm during the period.

So in short it should be an Eco-friendly one even if we burst crackers. The main thing that we can bring down the level of pollution is by cutting of those harmful gases. Is it possible? For every problem there is always a way out!!!

The Idea:
We speak of Eco-friendliness, so we are going to seek the help of our nature itself to solve this issue. Here pot plants are of great use. The Aloe plant is a great air purifier. A pot of Aloe is equivalent to the nine biological air cleaners. So it turns out to be fruitful for those having respiratory problems. If we keep this plant near the person the gases are automatically absorbed by it. The artificial purifiers are of no use. It absorbs gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide. And the great advantage of this plant is that when the normal levels of toxin in the air increases, then this plant turns spotted.
So you can buy one or two pots of Aloe and keep it in or outside your home.

The second is little time consuming and you already have to be prepared for it. The corporations can also take a little measure before hand. You can plant rubber trees along the road or in the residential area. Rubber greatly reduces the granular dust and also absorbs most of the toxic gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide.  

Flash powders can be used as this burns up fast leaving lesser traces of gases. Sulphur absorbing materials can also be added to avoid forming of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere which is a major pollutant.

If you have your own methods to have a Eco friendly festive season then it well and good.  Else you could follow some other alternative.


Eat more and drink more now!!!

The parties never stop you from eating loads of food. You get what you want and that too for free. So you don't even realize how much you are eating.
Sometime you eat too much and there is not a inch space even for a drop of water to get in. Still if it is your favorite food you crave for more and more. The human desire is never ending. If you still want to eat more then the rest of your day you will spend sitting in a place. But if your heart still craves for more and you don't want to get digestion problems, here is an answer.

Eat more and drink more now!!!

The Idea:

All you need to do is to drink a bottle of soft drink after eating all the delicacies of the treat. Since soft drinks are usually acidic in nature, it will aid you in digestion. You don't even require the appetizers, that you eat after your meal. It can be a set back to the persons having gastric problems as these soft drink are usually aerated to a great extent. So it is generally advisable for the persons with gastric problem not to consume much of soft drink.
You feel lazy initially after eating food. You feel very sleepy. This is because the oxygen required to digest the food is very large. So our body tends to cut off the supply to the other parts of the body so as to maintain a good amount of oxygen supply to the stomach. We tend to sleep, so as to consume minimum amount of oxygen by other parts. So when you eat more you tend to sleep more. It takes lot of time to digest the entire chunk of meal that you ate.
But you will feel light and easy in short span of time just after you drink the soft drink. You will be energized to eat even more as the stomach gets empty very soon. The large amount of food that you need to digest is digested quickly with the aid of extra acids that you get from these soft drinks.

Now you can go to multiple parties and no worries. You can eat your heart content. So one is going to stop you, not even you stomach. If so just remember to have a drink of the soft drink. And its the time to party hard!!!

The Story Of Rockets

Tipu Sultan's Army Against British Forces using rockets
Anglo-Mysore War & the use of rockets (Courtesy: Wikimedia)
The first major of instance of iron-cased rockets being deployed in war has been documented in the Anglo-Mysore War by Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan, the 18th century ruler of Mysore. Even though rockets used then were primitive and inaccurate, they did lethal damage and were successful in instilling fear among the soldiers of East India Company. This was first time British were exposed to the rocket technology. After the British won the war, they took the rockets back with them to research further and developed Congreve Rockets which they used in the Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812.
The next major phase of development worth mentioning in modern rocket technology happened in Germany. Wernher Von Braun, while pursuing his doctorate at Berlin Technical University was granted funds to experiment on liquid fuel propellant rockets by the Nazi party which had come to power. Nazi party was at the time looking to invest in any new technology that could be weaponised in the anticipation of the impending war. By the end of 1934, Von Braun was able to successfully test couple of small liquid propellant rockets. The year 1941 saw the German scientists possessing all the four key technologies namely large liquid-fuel rocket engines, supersonic aerodynamics, gyroscopic guidance and rudders in jet control essential to the success of rockets. After the conclusion of development work in 1943, Hitler ordered the V-2 rockets to be deployed in the year 1944 against the allied nations. Cities like London and Antwerp bear the brunt of the damage from the V-2 rockets. It is estimated that roughly 3000 people died and more than 6000 people got injured from the V-2 rockets in London alone coupled with huge property destruction. 
An Assembled German V2 Rocket(Courtesy: wikimedia )
An Assembled German V2 Rocket(Courtesy: Wikimedia )

The V-2 rockets faced plenty of problems like low accuracy, payload issues, dearth of fuel, huge cost of production, etc. After the war ended, there was a race between USA and Russia to capture the remaining rockets as well as the scientists and technical staff involved in the development of the rockets. Some prominent scientist involved in the project surrendered to the allied nations and later went on to continue their work in their new adopted countries. So phenomenal was the quality of work done on the development of V-2 rockets that the research played a pivotal role in all the future rocket development that were being conducted in multiple countries.
The world never looked back after that. In the following decades, Long distance rockets(ICBMs) were developed which were capable of hitting the target anywhere on the planet with deadly precision. On the constructive side, advance space age technologies like satellite communication, space exploration, satellite navigation, etc. was all made possible because of modern rockets (SLVs). The world changed for the better and rockets played their part in making it possible.

Author: Abhishek

How to save money during parties?

There is always a hype when you go for a treat, no matter how small it may be. The person who gives one, thinks of saving his pocket but the other thinks of eating a sumptuous meal. Burning a hole in the pocket is a sure, for the one who gives the treat. But if I give you an idea that could save your pocket and help you to cut their meals and their wicked idea of robbing you of your money, you will surely love to know it!
The idea is plain and simple. You can do this trick with just a soft drink.

When you are caught with a person who eats more!!!!

Before ordering the menu, just order a soft drink for all. And yes, believe me, this will help you a lot, to save few thousands if you are giving a party to large number of them. You would be puzzled and ask me a question, does this really work out?? You all have this question to ask, so let me explain the overall idea behind this.

Since all soft drinks are usually aerated and CO2 is compressed inside to give you a fizz, when you drink a soft drink before a meal it fills your stomach with gas. The compressed gas is released due to the decrease in pressure and thus decreases the solubility of the dissolved gas. Since the gases occupy more space than in their dissolved form, your stomach swells up. Apparently he feels that his stomach is full and he wouldn't be able to eat more. This makes them less hungry, as there is no space for the food to enter. This is just for few hours and again they will feel hungry. But no problem for the one who gives the treat, his treat will be over by then. Since there is no solid food to digest, the process of digestion doesn't take too much time. The one who thought of looting him will have to be hungry again.

The cheapest idea to save a person from getting into more debts for a mere treat and parties.



Wait for the next article for those who were betrayed by this idea by one of your  friends!!!