Why do we run anti-clockwise in a jogging track?

We usually jog to maintain our health. Some like to jog all the way along the road and some in the athletic tracks. If you are little inquisitive and asked your brain, why are the joggers running in the same direction?
You must have also have seen the athletic events in the television or in real. All of them run in anti- clockwise direction. Did you think why?

Why do we run anti-clockwise in a jogging track?
Why do we run anti-clockwise in a jogging track?

Answer is simple and plane. All involves logic and little correlation of few things.


If you think that the reason is something related to the rotation of the earth then you are absolutely right. It is related with the spin of the earth. The earth rotates counter-clockwise and so are we. Its is proved by scientific facts that if we run in the counter-clockwise i.e. along the direction of the earth's roation, our speed increases relative to that of running in opposite direction. When we run in the opposite direction, we have to spend some extra energy to overcome the centrifugal force of the earth which is greater in the opposite direction.
It is even proved in World Athletic Championships. In southern hemisphere, it is the other way round. If you run in the clockwise direction you will run faster. But according to the rules of the track events, the athlete has to run in the anti-clockwise direction. For this reason, the athletes are at disadvantage compared to those in the  Northern hemisphere. No world records have been set in the Southern hemisphere till now.

So from on.....if you want to beat someone in a race....ask him to run in clockwise direction and you, the other way round..

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  1. For athletic events - it is easy to look after runners from spectator's seat, when they run from left to right, so it occurs to be anti-clockwise. For any other free jogging activities, it depends on your mood, starting point (where is your house relatively to your jogging road) and how this road is designed to curve.