How can you swipe a screen without even touching it?

You may find it difficult to use your smartphones when your hands are wet or dirty. You end up messing screen of your phone, in order to attend a call or swipe the screen or to view a pic. Don't worry my people, the era of smart screen has now come.

You can now just hover over your phone to get your job done. Simply move your hand over the screen in order to scroll or attend a call and's done !!!

You may seem quite inquisitive about how this really works and I am going to unravel things for you.

How it works:

If you are new to this let me explain how the touch screen works. The screen is divided into many equal sections where there is a constant flow of current. If you touch the screen, the electric field at that point varies. As a result your touch is detected.
Still the hover technology works on the basis of the capacitive screen. The notable difference being the type of capacitve technology implemented in the screen circuitry. There are two types of capacitive screens:

  • -Mutual capacitance
  • -Self capacitance
Mutual capacitance has very low electric field around the screen. So the electric field just above the phone is very small but senses multiple touches made on the screen. The range of detection of a single section point is very small so as to enable itself to detect multiple touches. 

Whereas self capacitance technology has larger electric field, so the electric field can be detected even at some height over the phone. This phenomenon is exploited in our favour. The difference in electric field is monitored and accordingly the screen reacts to your gestures. 

Sometimes both these technologies co-exist together in your phone so as to enable both multi touch and hover technology. But note that you can use both multi touch and hover together. Usually the level of electric field is decreased in order to eliminate the effect of ghosting which can imposter a touch on your screen.

 Now meddle with your new gesture based phone with the knowledge of how it really works!!!  

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