Smart glasses

One with a smart looks and smart phone catches everyone's glance even it may be for a second. When a spectacles adds to his face then it becomes PERFECT.
Google the Goggles

We feel irritated even when a drop of water sticks to our spectacles. When it rains then the one with spectacles are gone........nothing would be visible at all. How irritating it gets??
Then comes the cold weather. It forms a foggy layer on the spectales due to the heat of our body. This too makes our vision unclear.
 How much do we take care of those precious spectacles??
Ooff!!! Accidently our parents see those spectacles placed some where at the edge of the table, we are gone for the god's sake.
What if the spectacles is unbreakable, water proof etc etc with loads of features just like that of the smartphone. "SMART GLASSES" isn't it???
The normal recent day glasses uses fiber material which do not break like glasses which were used in olden days. Now my idea is to replace this by a material which is sensitive to the small electrical signals. The material changes its shape or can change its shape when it is subjected to small electrical signals.

The material used can also be photo sensitive or a thin layer coated on the outer surface thus acting like sun glasses too. The material should also be water repellant such that no water sticks to the surface of the spectacles.

  • The one whose eye power changes frequently can use these spectacles as the power of the spectacles can be varied by applying a small amount of electrical signal thus saving significant amount of money used to buy another one.
  • People wearing spectacles find difficult to wear sun glasses as usually the sun glasses do not have the power correction for them. Since the spectacle is photo sensitive no need to change the spectacles every time.
  • Since the shape of the spectacles can be changed using a small electric signal even if it deforms during some accident it can be easily brought into original shape.
  • They are better off than the rest of the spectacles in rainy seasons too.
  • They can be used in the malls and big complexes. The heat and radiation from the sun can be prevented from entering inside and as the intensity of the light decreases it will allow the light to come inside.   

Student at VIT University

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