Magic in the air......A concept of wireless energy

We must have heard many times some one saying - "There is a magic in the air". But we think, really is there a magic in the air???
Thinking of it I couldn't make up my mind that really is there a magic in the air???
Then I came across a well known idea of generating electricity from the air. But in real time scenerio is this thing possible?? Then a really good idea struck my mind and here it is before you now.
 Before going into my idea let me explain you the concept behind my idea.
Magic in the air......A concept of wireless energy

  •  A high voltage power source causes sparks to oscillate across the gap.
  •  Each visible spark is actually a series of small sparks, jumping rapidly back and forth (oscillating) between the terminals.
  •  The size of the metal plates attached to the spheres from which the sparks are produced controls the frequency of the sparks produced.
  •  A loop of wire held near the oscilating spark, had a spark jump acrooss the air gap between the ends of the wire whenever a spark jumped across the high voltage.

  • How did it produce?? Did anyone even think of that???
    The induced spark depends on the gap between the coil.

    MY IDEA:
    • We can transmit electricity in the air removing the need of the transmission wires. We can transmit electromagnetic signals at the transmission station and receive at the receiver station and produce electricity.
    • Wireless chargers can be made. The high voltage supply can be converted into desired frequency by adjusting the size of the spheres at the input. Then it can be transmitted and a receiver can have the coil of desired gap. In this way mobile chargers can be made.
    • All appliances which needs wire to connect from the plug now can work wirelessly.
    • The complex wiring system in the houses and buildings can be removed by having a single transmitting system from which many appliances can be connected wirelessly.
    • The need for the wires will be reduced thus decreasing the pressure on our precious resources like copper.
    • There will be no need of wires for plugging in the power supply.
    • The charging is now mobile and the appliance can be moved anywhere around.
    Now I feel that there is really a MAGIC in the air.........

    Student At VIT University, Vellore