Pulsating pulses of the new artificial arm

The world around us is very complex from the birds chirping to the web of a spider which is stronger than the steel thread.
But I think that understanding ourselves is much more complex than understanding there rest.
From the smallest mechanism that takes place inside our body each and everything is well- coordinated.
What happens when we sense a danger?? Why do we remove our hand when we feel the excess of heat??  We all must be knowing the reason for "what" and "why" but very few know the reason for "how"......

Let me explain in short how it works....

                                 Pulsating pulses of the new artificial arm
The region between the two neurons is not connected together........Then you must be wondering than how really does it work???
Since we are now interested in the physics part only let me explain in short. The neurons produce an in-built magnetic field which is induced when something has to be communicated with other parts of our body.

What happens in case of a accident??? The reason why we fear the most is loss of some of our body parts like limbs. What if we have an artificial limbs that works same as that of our own legs......GREAT.....isn't it????


  • If the neurons are attached with field detecting device and if we attach those with the limbs than it can make great wonders........
  • Since the whole mechanism of the neurons works on the magnetic and electric pulses, the material that connects the neurons detects the signal accordingly.
  • When it detects the signal it can vary the movement according to the intensity and the duration of the pulses sent by the neurons.
  • The non-contacting portion of the robotized limbs can be made by the materials used now to connect the limbs after operation.
  • One part is connected to the neurons and the other to that which connects the neurons.
  • The junction between the two is such that it will be able to receive even the smallest of the signals and work accordingly.


  • The need for the crutches can be removed.
  • The now available mechanism is all manual based in which the most of the work is done by the person itself. And it is not fully automatic.
  • This artificial system is fully automatic and is line with the functions of our body. So it doesnt seem to be an external part of our body.
  • This is also stronger than the real one. So in case of accident there is no loss of blood.

  • Since this method involves connecting each and every neuron, it makes the process very tedious.
  • The persons expert in this field will be hard to find because it is a complex mechanism and training in this field is hard.
  • The cost will be obviously enormous as the specifications needed to meet the operation is high.

If it is practically implemented, then it would be a miracle for those who lost their body parts in the accidents............Wonders for the crippled and.........an achievement in the field of medical surgery....

Student @ VIT University, Vellore