Past or the future.Now capacitor flux is the transducer !

                                                    Flux Capacitance
If anyone is familiar with the principles of leading and lagging current verses voltage in an inductive or capacitive load this is where the principle derives. In industry, a high inductive load for high power machinery like lathes a phase shift capacitor bank is used to bring the current and voltage back into phase. Therefore if kept out of phase and a field is set up you have your time machine theory. The flux is a term used for an inductive load, capacitor speaks for itself. Shifting the inductance(flux)and capacitance you shift the phase in either direction. Forward or back in time!!!!
Past or the future.Now capacitor flux is the transducer !
                         Time traveling??? YES you heard it right!!!!
  •  It consists of a box with three small, flashing incandescent lamps arranged as a "Y", located above and behind the passenger's seat of the time machine.
  • The light of the flux capacitor is pulsed faster until it has a steady stream of light.
  •  The stainless steel body also had a beneficial effect on the "flux dispersal". Accessing the flux capacitor safely required disconnection of the capacitor drive.
  • In order to travel through time, the vehicle has to be integrated with the flux capacitor which needs to be traveling at high speeds, and requires enormous amount of energy, could be supplied by a plutonium-powered nuclear reactor.
  •  For the time machine’s return trip, a lightning rod is connected directly into the flux capacitor.
  • Concept of lagging and leading of capacitor and inductor is theoretically easy to understand but difficult to implement.
  • Flux capacitor solar cells can be used to produce high voltage capacitor banks and powers loads, frequency modifier capacitor banks.
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