Eat more and drink more now!!!

The parties never stop you from eating loads of food. You get what you want and that too for free. So you don't even realize how much you are eating.
Sometime you eat too much and there is not a inch space even for a drop of water to get in. Still if it is your favorite food you crave for more and more. The human desire is never ending. If you still want to eat more then the rest of your day you will spend sitting in a place. But if your heart still craves for more and you don't want to get digestion problems, here is an answer.

Eat more and drink more now!!!

The Idea:

All you need to do is to drink a bottle of soft drink after eating all the delicacies of the treat. Since soft drinks are usually acidic in nature, it will aid you in digestion. You don't even require the appetizers, that you eat after your meal. It can be a set back to the persons having gastric problems as these soft drink are usually aerated to a great extent. So it is generally advisable for the persons with gastric problem not to consume much of soft drink.
You feel lazy initially after eating food. You feel very sleepy. This is because the oxygen required to digest the food is very large. So our body tends to cut off the supply to the other parts of the body so as to maintain a good amount of oxygen supply to the stomach. We tend to sleep, so as to consume minimum amount of oxygen by other parts. So when you eat more you tend to sleep more. It takes lot of time to digest the entire chunk of meal that you ate.
But you will feel light and easy in short span of time just after you drink the soft drink. You will be energized to eat even more as the stomach gets empty very soon. The large amount of food that you need to digest is digested quickly with the aid of extra acids that you get from these soft drinks.

Now you can go to multiple parties and no worries. You can eat your heart content. So one is going to stop you, not even you stomach. If so just remember to have a drink of the soft drink. And its the time to party hard!!!