Smokeless fireworks !!!!

Smokeless Fireworks

This is the season of firecrackers bursting and those rockets mesmerizing the sky. The colorful shows presented by these firecrackers is never a miss. It always attracts millions and I guess you never want to miss a show. But the beauty doesn't come with a 'beast' besides it. Isn't it?

The pollution it causes over a short span of time during festive season is tremendous.  The pollution levels it causes reaches almost above average levels. But if you insist me to stop bursting crackers, I won't even heed you. The same situation applies to most of us. There should be some other alternative to bring down the pollution levels during this time. Else environmentalist break on us blaming that we were the ones causing major harm during the period.

So in short it should be an Eco-friendly one even if we burst crackers. The main thing that we can bring down the level of pollution is by cutting of those harmful gases. Is it possible? For every problem there is always a way out!!!

The Idea:
We speak of Eco-friendliness, so we are going to seek the help of our nature itself to solve this issue. Here pot plants are of great use. The Aloe plant is a great air purifier. A pot of Aloe is equivalent to the nine biological air cleaners. So it turns out to be fruitful for those having respiratory problems. If we keep this plant near the person the gases are automatically absorbed by it. The artificial purifiers are of no use. It absorbs gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide. And the great advantage of this plant is that when the normal levels of toxin in the air increases, then this plant turns spotted.
So you can buy one or two pots of Aloe and keep it in or outside your home.

The second is little time consuming and you already have to be prepared for it. The corporations can also take a little measure before hand. You can plant rubber trees along the road or in the residential area. Rubber greatly reduces the granular dust and also absorbs most of the toxic gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide.  

Flash powders can be used as this burns up fast leaving lesser traces of gases. Sulphur absorbing materials can also be added to avoid forming of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere which is a major pollutant.

If you have your own methods to have a Eco friendly festive season then it well and good.  Else you could follow some other alternative.