Solar Roadways Changing the Face of the Future

You must have heard about solar cells, extended to solar panels and even solar lamps. But did you ever read or heard about solar roads? Little confused and mesmerized. Had a mirth. It’s soon going to be a reality and trust me it will surely change the way you think.

Solar Roadways Changing the Face of the Future
Solar Roadways Changing the Face of the Future

It is simple to understand yet difficult to know how. Solar panels are embedded on the roads instead of the tar that is usually used. Hexagonal shaped solar panels are used by Scott and Julie who are in the verge of changing the future.  

There are many LED lights embedded into it, thus making it a multi-purpose utility. The LED can change according to the pre-programmed instruction and also guide the vehicle in the night. High focus lamps at nights can be minimized thus cutting the costs. Since they are solar cells, they can generate electricity. So when vehicles are converted into electrical hybrid or simply electrical one, then you can recharge anywhere along the road as and when you wish.

There are even pressure sensors that can detect persons, animals, vehicles or rocks falling on them. Let us say, a deer is crossing a road in the night and you are approaching it at fast speed. Then there will be surely a collision. But the intelligent hexagonal solar panels detect the pressure and through the LED lights embedded on them, it will send a STOP signal at a distance so that the deer crosses safely.

There are even heating elements attached to it which works on the electricity produced by the cells. So the need to pave the snow during the summer is removed. This saves lot of resources and time. The snow falling on it quickly melts and becomes water and flows into the channel just adjacent to the road,

Thus in short, solar roadways can:

·         Produce Electricity
·         Act as a recharge station for vehicles
·         Inform the impending disaster in advance
·         Melt the snow
·         Reduce carbon foot print
·         Reduce greenhouse gases
·         Reduce dependence on non-renewable resources
·         Increase job opportunities

In short, solar roadways are the way to the future technology.

~Shyam KC