Vegetable Batteries

All the wall clocks hanging in the house are usually analog. What happens if the battery drains out? If you don't have one, what will you do?

You can now run a clock with your vegetables itself!!! Yes, even with the vegetables you can now run the clock.

Make it yourself:

Its simple and easy. Get two nails and wires. The copper in the wires will act as one electrode and the iron which the nail is made of will act as cathode. The potato will act as an electrolyte for the flow of charges.

Potato is not the only one which will be acting like this. Many citrus fruits like lemon,orange, musambi etc too act like an electrolyte.

The list is endless. Even the onions, kiwi, grapes, watermelons, Amla will serve as an electrolyte.

Now why are you waiting?? Get your your vegetables and start experimenting with it.

Answer the questions that comes to your mind?

Does changing the fruit or vegetable affect the voltage produced? Why does it affect it??

Yes, it does affect the voltages.....For answers get your lower class chemistry brushed up a little.