What if the energy we use doesn't exhaust at all??
What if the energy we use is again converted to a usable form???
That would be a miracle.....isn't it??
But this thing is not impossible.....as nothing in this world is impossible!!!!
A crazy idea it may seem but it is possible even practically. The whole idea revolves around converting rotational energy into some form of usable energy.
For this you need to know the working of dynamo.
It works on the principal of Faraday's laws of induction. The Permanent magnet is rotated between the coils which produces electricity. This idea can be carried forward in the practical applications too.
Let me explain my whole idea using an example.
Suppose we connect the dynamo to a running fan, what will happen???
It is as simple as that. The dynamo connected to it will produce electricity. What if we connect this current to the fan itself. Energy it uses is again given to it. The energy is used at its utmost level.
So we need to supply a minimum current to run the fan.
  •  This thing can be implemented in the wheels of any vehicle. When the wheel rotates the dynamo too rotates. This energy can be used to power the vehicle again.
  • The small wind mill like structure can be constructed at the top of the moving trains so that the wind pushes the blades of the wind mill when it moves. This in turn produces energy which can be utilized for powering the lifts and fans inside a moving trains.
  • We can attach the dynamo in the wheels of the trains, maybe a big one connected to many wheels. This in turn produces energy which can be utilized optimally.
  •  We know that practically no device or instrument has 100% efficiency. So energy converted by the dynamo is not 100%.
  • While including the dynamo in the circuitry, other forces too act. The main opposing force is friction. Eventually this makes energy consumed for rotation without dynamo lesser than with dynamo.
  •  The net energy produced is very less.
  •  If we reduce the frictional forces and improve the efficiency of the dynamo we can achieve a desired level of energy that we need to operate the system.
 The day is not far when this comes to existence!!!!!