Interstellar knowledge at ease!!!

Many of us gaze the stars at night and dreamed of meeting an alien peoples. The theory and concepts of the interstellar space may have confused and puzzled you, but never fails to amuse one.

By the way what really is black holes? A hole which is black? A Worm hole where a worm lives? ain't like that!!!

For a first time in your life you must have heard things like that when you watched the movie interstellar. Familiar with relativity, the concepts involved the future physics. Here am I, to make you understand the topics more clearly, so that you can easily understand these most complicated things in a blink of your eye !!!

Black Hole:

What happens when you throw a ball up in the air? It returns? Why is it so? The answer is obvious- Gravity. You must ave heard the term escape velocity. The escape velocity is the minimum velocity which is required to escape from the gravitational pull of an object.

In order to escape from the gravitational pull of the earth you need to travel at a speed of 11.2 km/s. So there would be such objects in the space that would have more gravitational pull than the earth. So your speed has to be more, so that you can escape from its gravitational field.

So when a gravitational pull becomes very high, such that even the speed of light can not escape from its field, such areas are known as black holes. Since even the light can not escape from its pull, it does not reflect anything, so it seems to be black. Thus the name black hole.

Worm Hole:

A vague interpretation of wormhole can be- "shortcut in space". To understand this concept more clearly in space,let me give you an example. Consider two buildings. If you at at the top of the first building and you want to go to the top of another building, the regular way is to reach the ground floor of the first building and take an elevator of the other building to reach its top. This takes too much of time. What if there is a bridge or a flyover connecting the two building??
You can save a considerable amount of time. 
So in space, the two buildings are your two galaxies or two separate systems and the bridge is your worm hole.


As for the Newton's third law, for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. There is a yin for a yang, male for a female, he for a she, good for a evil. So does a "matter".

Lets get deeper into this. For negative charge of electrons you have protons to compensate for it. So what does matter have? That is anti- matter. When matter and anti- matter combines there will be a total annihilation.  An example of anti matter for electron is positron. I think many of you would have heard about positron which are emitted by  β+decay radiations. The possibility to achieve the speed of light is through anti-matter, which can propel you even faster than light. 

White hole:

If you guess the white hole as the exact opposite of black hole then you are right. A black whole is a thing from which you cannot escape and white hole is a thing you cannot reach its horizon. As far as the genius minds of this area know, they say that these are due to the gamma ray bursts in space. Since black hole absorbs all the matter, where does all the matter go? Thus came the concept of white hole.

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