Universal translator is now here!!!

Life gets miserable when you roam in your own country and don't know how to speak the native language of the place. You usually cling to a friend you know who know to speak the native language or call him up for any help. When you are travelling aboard then you are gone. Russian, Spanish, Latin, Chinese.....lots more in the list.

The life would be a breeze when a super power comes to you, and you are able to speak all the languages that is known to the world.

Else our only viable option available to us is Google translate. But it takes time. What if you want to order something and the waitress speak in his own native tongue. Sitting there and translating each word will seem impossible.


The Solution:

All your trouble will vanish like a bubble. The new device SIGMO is now here to solve the problems. Whatever language the other person speaks, it will translate it for you, as he or she speaks. You can listen in your own chosen language, and also speak in your own desired language. It will translate what you speak in his or her language.

Yeah......that will be easy and convenient both for you and the other person with whom you are talking to.


It works on the internet connection. It is a cloud based application where it uses the help of the Google translate to help you out. The text is then converted back to speech so that you can hear it.
So be sure that where ever you roam, you have the internet access along with you. Else the device will just act as a speaker and a microphone.

So grab one SIGMO now and travel around the world with breeze.