Super Fast charging of a battery

We are now in the world where we find ourselves in such a hectic position that we want to buy "TIME" with our money.
No time even to charge "our" batteries as well as our gadgets.

We are so dependent on our digital gadgets that if the battery drains out and turns off, it seems hell to us.

So our top priorities are quick charging and long lasting battery life.

  So if I say, I have got a battery which can charge 70% in just 2 minutes and it lasts 20 times longer, won't you be interested in buying one?

                                               Super Fast charging of a battery

Mystery unleashed:

The human mind being inquisitive and curious, you would long to know the secret behind.
Then here is the answer:

The main difference between the standard lithium batteries and new lithium batteries lies in the electrode part.

Reason for speed:

The standard lithium batteries uses graphite electrode as anode. Bit the newly discovered lithium batteries by NTU scientists uses titanium dioxide gel as anode. The titanium dioxide gel is in nano meter size. So decrease in size increases the rate of the reaction.
This simple innovation led to super fast charging of the battery i.e. 70% in just 2 minutes.

Reason for small size:

Standard lithium batteries uses additives to bind electrodes to the anode. But new cross linked titanium dioxide electrodes eliminate this need, so save space and improve efficiency.

Environment friendly:

Titanium dioxide is found abundant in the soil and are safer than its older counterparts.

"It is so SAFE that it is used AS FOOD ADDITIVES and as SUNSCREEN.

Last longer:

The new avatar of battery is long lasting too. It can last up to 20 years as compared to a normal battery which just works well till 2 years. As a result waste generated by it also less.

Faster and easier manufacturing cost:

Titanium dioxide and sodium hydroxide are mixed together and stirred under a certain temperature. Battery manufacturers will find it easy to integrate our new gel into their current production process.
As a result the cost of the battery also reduces and will cost much cheaper then the standard lithium batteries.

You are excited about this or not, I don't know. But I am really excited to grab one as soon as it is released in the market.