No need to refuel in 100 years, Next Gen Cars are here

FORGET !!!! Old Gen is gone!!!

I don't understand why we cling to the age old methods of driving the engine by the piston? Is there any other methods to power the engine better?

Are we stuck to this only idea of delivering power to the engine system?

NOPES.......We are humans and we know how to innovate and renovate things.

No need to refuel in 100 years, Next Gen Cars are here


What if I say, I give you the keys of the car that is feasible with the existing technology and and you need to fuel it only once in your WHOLE LIFE TIME. Won't you be interested??

Yes, you are not dreaming, it is really true.

A car powered by thorium lasers can just do this as what I said above. In this concept car it uses high energy laser source which is used as a heat source to propel the car forward. The car doesn't have the conventional power system and is replaced by a high end sophisticated heat  transferring system.

Unlike other lasers, Thorium lasers do not produce coherent light. They only emit large amount of heat which can be utilized to produce electricity. This can be used to power the car.

Just 8gm, yes just 8grams is what you need to power this car and it will run 3 lakh miles.

If you thinking that thorium is radio active and again yes, you are right. But no need to worry, a thin film is want you need to protect yourself from the radio active element thorium.

The future is here and just few steps near,
The new incredible car is soon going to be commercially credible.