Charge Your Phone When You Speak

We are so attached to our mobile phones that losing it, even for a second will be a hell for us. We generally overuse it and find no time to charge it in our hectic life.
 What if the mobile charges whenever you speak or wait in the traffic or talk to your clients?

Charge Your Phone When You Speak

We have seen wireless charging, wired charging but this one is new to the market. Yes, if your guess was SOUND charging then your are right. Yes, it is REALLY SOUND CHARGING.


Every energy can be converted into one form to other form of energy. So we can convert pressure (piezoelectric) to electricity, wind to electricity, solar energy to electricity then why not sound to electricity ???

Sound can be converted into electricity by small vibrating membranes which can produce a small potential difference when the membrane is disturbed from the initial position. Zinc oxide when converted into thin layers, could act as a membrane. In fact sound energy is converted into pressure and the pressure applied on the membrane which results in electricity.

Nano scale metal sheets or rods are coated  with the zinc oxide layer. The conductivity of electricity from the nano rods could be from gold or even from aluminium foils.

This device can produce a 5 V which is sufficient to charge a battery of a mobile.

Its time to charge yourself to shout to charge your mobile !!!