Wrinkle Free Life

Wrinkles, wrinkles every where....be it on face or on the clothes, we hate them. With the next generation textiles we get wrinkle free clothing. But whats the reason behind these clothing getting wrinkled?
Lets find out!!!


Usually our clothing is cellulose based. Be it be cotton or linen, all come under this category.
Mostly nylon clothing are cellulose free. Now whats behind cellulose??

Garments get wrinkles due to two things:
  • Water
  • Heat

While washing clothes, the hydrogen present in the water combines with bonds present in the cellulose hence changing the shape of the bonds. These bonds are not formed throughout the garment due to energy considerations. So a particular place gets distorted which we call it as wrinkles.


The energy required to break these cellulose is much lower. So when you iron your clothes the bonds gets broken and they become loose atoms. So when we apply heat and water they bonds get reshaped and again form new bonds. So we get wrinkle free.

Wrinkle free :

How to get wrinkle free garments? Its as easy as that. Remove the cellulose from the fiber and add other substance instead of that.
We can also prevent wrinkles by making the bonds of the cellulose resistant to water by making the hydrogen bonds hydrophobic.

There are many ways for a wrinkle free life.....If you know some, comment a few!!!