Why DTH over cable networks?

With the age of modernization, demands change, technologies get better and entertainment is brought to your door step.
One such thing is the evolution of television popularly known as TV. Earlier we used to get only one channel through an antenna, if you remember. Then we switched on to the cable networks and now we hooked upon the new generation DTH systems.


There should be some reason for this shift from the cable networks to the DTH services. What were the reasons for this change even though DTH is costlier than cable networks.

  • The cable networks are analog in nature, so the reception quality is low as compared to DTH services which is digital in nature.
  • The bandwidth of the DTH is also more than that of the cable networks so there is a possibility of viewing more channels.
  • You can have access to the internet, movies, games and other entertainment facilities in DTH as compared to cable networks that only provides you with the channels.
  • You can pay only for those channels which you watch or even demand for a channel that you want to watch.
How really DTH works??

You will be eager and inquisitive to know how really a DTH system works.

For your ease simply correlate it with your mobile sim card.

  •  DTH also has a smart card that identifies your subscription id or your reference number just like sim card recognizes your mobile number.
  •  It allows you to access, paid channel only if you subscribe for that, just as you pay only for the services and schemes subscribed in your mobile.
  •  The smart card has a small memory capacity inside it which stores these information and decodes the encrypted signals the same function as that of a sim card.
 All the signals received are in microwave range and are de-multiplexed in intermediate frequency range which is lower than the received ones into audio and video signals for the user.

A small fact :

The DTH are also useful to the broadcasters and operators as they are able to track the exact number of subscribers which is not possible in cable networks.

So in DTH services operators are expected to get higher income, that's the reason many telecasting group push DTH services.