A simple way to become thin and vice versa

A pouch, people carry around them. Its size easily increases but takes time to decrease. The fact that I am talking about is "tummy".

What if thin people become fat and fat people can give their extra kilos gained by them to their thinner counter parts. Wow, that would be great, and all people would be fit and slim. Then whats the idea behind this funny yet possible fact.


People with tummies tend to accumulate fat in the stomach. Due to lack of exercise or some internal problem, these fat do not burn to convert into energy. As a result of this, layers of fat are formed in the stomach. And the exact opposite happens to those who are thin. Heavy loss of energy or fast digestion of fat.
So if we transfer the layers of fat accumulated in a fat person it would be great.

My Idea:

Fat are not dissolved in water but easily dissolved in ethanol. So my idea is make a connection by a means of a small capillary tube with a needle attached to the stomach of the thinner person and a fat person. Now let the tube have two compartments with each separated by cellulose acetate ( the one used in osmosis process, if you remember). As the alcohol concentration decreases in one side as it dissolves fat, the concentration at one side decreases. The alcohol easily dissolves the fat thus decreasing the concentration of alcohol at one end. This will tend the alcohol to move to the alcohol to the other side of the compartment. At one point, this creates saturation and the fats of both the person will be equal and both will have same fat concentration and will look fit and fine.

This will help both equally and the method is easy and simple.

"In this world,
Thin people yearn to become fat, 
And fat ones yearn to be thin"