The negative impact of renewable energy sources

~ shyam k.c

Busy lost in the world of new forms of renewable energy sources, we barely think of its greater impact in the long run. Believe it or not, some forms of renewable sources have greater negative impact than the good it does to us. Jot out few of them and just think for yourselves the negative impact of them for a minute or two. You would get a endless number, running into pages. If not then continue reading this.

The negative impact of renewable energy sources
The negative impact of renewable energy sources

The gust of the wind can make tallest of the tallest buildings kneel before them. So mankind thought of exploiting this energy for productive purposes. But forgot to analyse longer impact. To explain my point of negative aspect of this energy, let me take an simple example.

Whenever you are sweating or feel the temperature rising, you tap the switch and turn the fan on. If you think that the fan COOLS the temperature DOWN, then you are WRONG. The fan does not really cool the temperature around it. Then the immediate question you ask is, then how come we stop sweating?

The answer is as easy as that. The fan aids in faster evaporation. The very same reason why the clothes dry faster in a windy season. The fan removes the moist air around you, and allows the dry air to enter. This dry air is devoid of the moisture, so the water on the surface evaporates faster.

Now just relate our household fans with those giant fans of windmills. The moving blades of the windmill push the moist air in the region further away from that region. You may ask how come it is related? The answer is, the rain clouds as you know is also moist in nature. These giant fans pushes these rain clouds away from the region. So in the long run, if the region where the windmills are present are a beauty to the eyes, then it will eventually turn into a day time nightmare without even a tinge of green trees for miles, on the long run.

The smell of the flowers, the beauty of the rainbow, the sound of a cuckoo and the feel of being drenched in the rain will all be a dream for the people now living in the regions near the windmill farms.

So my people, get AWARE and BEWARE of its impact. Else it's a CHECKMATE.