Shoes for all, from the birth to death....

From the start of the day when you are a year old, I suppose, you will be attached with this thing. And if you are going to the school then it is a part and parcel of your life. Now if you are not getting any idea what "this thing" really means, then here is the answer, SHOES. Yes, shoes, that's what I meant to say all this time.

Shoes for all, from the birth to death....

What if these shoes attached with us from the beginning of life till our final bend grows along with us? This may seem an idiotic thing but it is not impossible. It literally means growing. Then you all have a common thing in mind that how it is supposed to grow? Is it organic? Does it have life? Do non-living things grow?

Now break open your mind and then think in a broader aspect of my view point. Then you will understand. The answer further to know more!!!


The idea is very plain and simple. Someone will even get irritated if I reveal now. The main and basic framework of my idea comes from the skating wheels where you can modify the length of the shoes. Not all the skating shoes have this provision though. My idea is to implement this strategy in normal shoes itself. The idea is to make adjustable shoes so that everyone can wear the shoes. You may be compelled to change your favourite shoes since you are not able to insert you little bigger feet into that. You sometimes long for your old favourite shoes. This can be made true if the front portion is made a separate entity and the length of it can be increased or decreased according to our needs.

The next thing is, when you get your leg fractured or your feet gets swelled due to some or the other reason, then you are curtailed of your shoes. Now if the shoes are made of elastic type of material and if the upper portion of it can be adjusted, then it becomes a breeze for those having trouble with their feet.

The advantages of this are many even though a question arises in your mind. Does the shoes wear and tear after sometime? Then what is the whole idea behind this " shoes from beginning to death" ? It is a mere waste of time.

No. The overall idea lies behind the amount and material cost involved. If your front portion of your shoes are damaged then you can replace the front part only as it is detachable and if you feel your back heel has experienced the most damage then feel free to change the back portion of your shoes only. So you can modify your shoes as you wish. The whole thing depends on you how you modify the shoes.

Get going and experience the new era of "changing footwears".