Down to drown? Now it will not!

From the beginning of my day, the water around always fascinated me. I would look at those animals taking a swim in those cool waters. I would long to swim like them. I didn't know the reason why I always drowned in those water. Even I cursed it not knowing the reason.
But when I knew the reason I tried to master that which prevented me from playing in water as on land.

Down to drown? Now it will not!
Now when my mind started to solve the riddle an idea struck my mind
Whats my great idea by the way????
Its very simple. The idea revolves around the ship floating on water. Did you ever think why the ship with such a heavy load doesn't sink in the ocean.
 An object in a fluid experiences an upward force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. So if a boat weighs 1,000 pounds (or kilograms), it will sink into the water until it has displaced 1,000 pounds (or kilograms) of water. Provided that the boat displaces 1,000 pounds of water before the whole thing is submerged, the boat floats.
Because of buoyancy, even though the steel of the ship weighs a lot more then water, the ship also has a lot of air in it (the ship is not a solid chuck of steel), the lightness of the air off sets the heaviness of the steel to allow it to float.
The same principal can be used to make ourselves stand on the water. The shoe that we wear can be made in such a way that it has air which will make us stand on the water. The same way a life jacket we wear keeps us to stay afloat on the water.
  • The shoe has to be designed in such a way that it is big enough to hold the air inside it so as to make ourselves stand on the water.
  • The contact area between the water and the shoe should also be less keeping the pressure into consideration
  • The shoe should be light weight but should be hollow and porous so as to withstand the pressure and to make the buoyancy effective than the downward force pushing you down to drown.  
Now its time to enjoy the unlimited fun of walking on the water just as on land. The fun starts now. Roll on to the air filled shoes, jump on to the water, start your game!!!!
Student @ VIT University