Can we use earphones during work outs ?

All are addicted to music. There will a very few in million who turn this point down. We are moved and get lost in the world of music. We tend to hear music whenever we want and where ever we go. We just can't control it and it would be impossible without it. So we usually listen to the music in loudspeaker or in a headphone. Many prefer the latter as it does not disturb the people around you. We wear these headphones or earphones even while we exercise. Is this desirable? Does this not effect our ear?

Can we use earphones during work outs ? : Facts n Fiction

The fact:

There is no question arising when it comes to prove that music boosts up your overall performance during your work outs. Your efficiency increases when you listen to music. Even though you would have seeing scores of ads publicizing their earphones particularly made for exercising and work outs, it does have some disadvantages. 
What are these disadvantages? Is this a serious problem.
When you ask me it is YES.
Aerobics and jogging push the blood more towards the limbs rather than your ear. Thus your ear is deprived of significant amount of blood which usually flows through it. This makes our ear membrane more prone to sound. So even a small sound could cause a heavy damage to the ear. So wen you listen to the music in the earphone in the usual sound it can even cause a permanent ear damage. If you are an ardent lover of music and you cant resist it, so lower the volume by half to that you listen usually. 
Some rubber insulation can also cause skin infection due to sweat. You cant prevent sweat coming out when you work out. Plugging the earphones in your ear causes the sweat to prevent easy evaporation. As a result it may even cause infection in prolonged usage.

My Advice:

Even though you are a music lover, you can just stop listening to the music during external work outs. If you really want to listen to it, then use a loudspeaker instead of a earphone or headphone. This may help you a lot, in taking care of your own ears.