How to save money during parties?

There is always a hype when you go for a treat, no matter how small it may be. The person who gives one, thinks of saving his pocket but the other thinks of eating a sumptuous meal. Burning a hole in the pocket is a sure, for the one who gives the treat. But if I give you an idea that could save your pocket and help you to cut their meals and their wicked idea of robbing you of your money, you will surely love to know it!
The idea is plain and simple. You can do this trick with just a soft drink.

When you are caught with a person who eats more!!!!

Before ordering the menu, just order a soft drink for all. And yes, believe me, this will help you a lot, to save few thousands if you are giving a party to large number of them. You would be puzzled and ask me a question, does this really work out?? You all have this question to ask, so let me explain the overall idea behind this.

Since all soft drinks are usually aerated and CO2 is compressed inside to give you a fizz, when you drink a soft drink before a meal it fills your stomach with gas. The compressed gas is released due to the decrease in pressure and thus decreases the solubility of the dissolved gas. Since the gases occupy more space than in their dissolved form, your stomach swells up. Apparently he feels that his stomach is full and he wouldn't be able to eat more. This makes them less hungry, as there is no space for the food to enter. This is just for few hours and again they will feel hungry. But no problem for the one who gives the treat, his treat will be over by then. Since there is no solid food to digest, the process of digestion doesn't take too much time. The one who thought of looting him will have to be hungry again.

The cheapest idea to save a person from getting into more debts for a mere treat and parties.



Wait for the next article for those who were betrayed by this idea by one of your  friends!!!