How to save ourselves from the snakes.....


You fear them or not, but I do fear them the most. I think this situation is same for most of us reading this. Even if we hear the name " snakes" we tremble like anything. Don't worry, we live in multi storey buildings where the snakes cannot even think of creeping through. But in the past, neither they were living in those sky scrapers nor the population of the snakes were low enough.
So how did they manage to overcome this situation. If you ask me, I would say they were experts in this. I know how, but if you want to know read on further.

TO Miss A Hiss- Snakelogy

Their method:
If your guess is that they killed them all, then you are wrong. Just after one mating the female snake can lay eggs up to 100. So among them, even if one snake survives, it produces its next generation. It makes the growth rate exponential. Then how did they prevent them?
They exploited the idea, that the snakes generally live in snake hills and burrows. The snakes find their mate using smell and they will leave their hiding only for the search of food. If they find their prey they won't leave their habitat. People at that time placed MILK and EGG near the snake hills. A question would arise in your mind that the snakes don't feed on this then what's the use of placing this. The answer is that milk and egg have a strong odour that confuses the snakes when they try to find their mate using fork in their tongue which detects smell and taste. So they won't be able to mate with its counterpart as they can't even detect them where they are. 
The second problem is that if they leave the place, the whole idea is wasted. So they used to place or put some food inside their burrow or the snake hill. So the snake never comes out of its habitat. As a result the snake population falls drastically over months.
Even if one escapes from this cow web of their ideas, they had the answer for that too. The wall was coated with turmeric paste near the lower part. The snake doesn't like the smell of turmeric, so it changes its path. So the people inside the house are totally safe!!

Now you to know whats meant by  " LIVING WITH NATURE"


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