Truths behind those myths...

We usually forget the past and research new things from the scratch again. The customs and traditions followed by our ancestors had a lot of meaning inside, but without knowing the depth of the thing, we ignore it and discard them as superstitious. I am not here to say that all rituals and customs followed by them are scientific but most of them were. Here, in this one, I am going to throw some light that we think as superstitious but actually they were not.

Truths behind those myths...In picture: Golden Temple, Amritsar India

Their idea:
In the past, people usually go to the temple early in the morning. We thought them as religious and stopped ourselves from going to the temple and other religious shrines. But the fact is not that. 
  • When you go to the temple early in the morning, first of all you inhale the fresh air which is good for the body. 
  • Secondly and the main reason is this. You must have noticed that the top of the shrine is usually made up of metal and its usually copper. Early in the morning the sun's rays heats up the copper part at the top thus charging it positively as metals tend to be positively charged. Thus a electric field is created between the earth and the copper part at the top. The electric field is towards the ground as positively charged particles tend to move towards the negative charge which is ground now. When you are in between the field, then your body gains positive energy. You become active in the morning. Still there is a reason behind it. The sleep causing hormone is melatonin. And it is released only at night. The reason behind is that it is indirectly controlled by suprachiasmatic nuclei(SCN) from retinal photosensitive ganglion cells, which are photosensitive. So when you are exposed to electric field, and the sun rays the secretion of melatonin decreases as a result you tend to become active.
  • The third and a common thing which we all know is that the early morning sun's rays are good for the body. As our food cannot provide Vitamin-D, our body wholly depends on the sun's rays for this Vitamin. So exposing our body in the early morning to the sun helps us to get the daily requirement of the Vitamin-D.

People at those times were not able to explain these concept to each and every one as most of them at that time were uneducated and explaining all these things will prove to be futile. So the learned ones integrated all these concepts to one thing i.e. god, so that everyone may follow blindly without asking too many questions.....

To be continued......