Mere touch can heal you...

Truth behind those myths- Part 2

We thought that there were some magic in those hands who healed in the past. They just touched the patient or sometimes they didn't, but to everyone's surprise the patient would cure. They considered them next to god. They felt that their hands had a touch of Midas. Everyone thought that they knew magic and only they could perform those miracles. And since this act placed those healers above all and got a top position in the society, they never revealed the facts and truths behind this method. Did they really had the touch of Midas??
let us find out how!!!

Mere touch can heal you...

The ultimate truth:

The so called touch therapy healers had a good, and almost a full knowledge about the nervous system of our body. Each and every nerve meet at one point or the other. If there is any problem in the body, the nerves or the arteries show the difference. This is similar to the doctor checking our pulse when we are sick. The flow of our blood varies if there is any problem in the body. For better understanding, I shall give an example. If you catch a cold, your heart beat increases. This can easily be noticed when you hold a person's hand and count the pulse of the person. Here comes the ultimate thing. The three nerves that passes through our wrist almost connects each and every nerve in our body. Now if there is any problem in the body, this will affect the blood flow which will ultimately affect any of these three nerves. Thus they were able to detect which nerve showed a different pulse rate. If they were able to identify the nerve, they would easily know which section of the body had some problem. Then it leaves you to mere few nerve junctions connected to that nerve. And if you are able to make the flow of the blood through that nerve normal than the patient automatically cures.
The next ultimate thing is curing a person without touching them. This needs a tons of practice and concentration. For this you need to know one thing. Our body's energy constantly interacts with the environment and the body itself. . As you know that our body has its own self defense system to protect itself. When you are sick, most of the energy goes into curing the problem. So we feel tired. So the energy from the person which interacts with the environment decreases. The healer just needs to give him the extra energy required. This is like you get energetic by listening to a inspirational speech or a good music.

The trend setter :
This ultimate thing can lead to a new trend to the scope of the medical field. No medicines and no hours of treatment. Just a mere touch is enough. Even though this method won't be able to help the victims of accidents and patients with diseases or problems at that has crossed its limit. But it will help lot of those section of people who have ailments which is at its beginning stage.

To be continued......