how to keep warm even during winters?

You like it or not, I hate winters. They push me inside my house as I cannot even go out freely. Even if I had to go outdoor, those jackets and sweaters make me sick. They are too heavy to wear and they are not at all handy. I feel better to stay at home rather to wear all those heavy things on me. Making these things light I was caught up with one thing. The idea seemed to be nice and very effective too. What was that idea? let's find out!!!

Now you will feel hot at Mt.Everest too!!!


Did anyone even heard of something called AEROGEL ? What really is this thing?

This is also known for its name called frozen smoke. It is world's lowest known density solid, which is made of 96% of air. It is basically just a gel made from silicon, except all the liquid has been taken out and replaced with gas instead. It is hard to see it or even hard to feel, but if you poke it is like a styrofoam.
But it is a wonderful insulating material. If we can make jackets out of it, then it will be a great solution to our problems. But the problem is that it is very good insulator. That means if you wear a jacket made of aerogel then you will sweat to death. In simple words, you will sweat when you wear this at Mt. Everest too. So we cannot make a jacket completely made up of aerogel. So we have to add some other material with it, so as to make ourselves suited to it.

Now there is an extra advantage of this material. It can withstand high amount of energy. For comparison, it can withstand a direct blast from two pounds of dynamite. We can also use this as protection cover, but again there is a drawback, it works very well as a bad conductor of heat. The outer cover of the car can be made of this material and this will prove to be a changing point of security concerns. Since it will protect the car from direct blasts from dynamites and it is literally invisible and light, it is added advantage to the security concern.

The next area in which this material is used to an extensive usage is thermo flask. Since this is the best insulating material, this will keep the material inside almost to the same temperature for days together.
There are more and more things turning up using this material. The future is yours. It's the time which will prove this right.