The wireless communication has now reached its new peak!!!

We feel lazy even to go upstairs and call someone. When someone pesters you to go to a shop and bring something you immediately take the mobile in your hand and there you go, you call the shop and ask for door delivery. But even to take that mobile while you are watching your favourite serials, is hard. Isn't it guys?? The most probable answer I know that most of us would say is YES!!! What if all things happen as we like, or let me be a bit specific, what we think?

Most of us surely will agree upon the idea. But will this be a reality just in cartoon shows and movies. Why can't be this real? May be it can be turned reel to real one. Yes, this is possible my friends.

The wireless communication has now reached its new peak!!!-Burning Brain

The idea:

We all know that our body too sends its own signals. Let me be a bit specific on these. Our body sends information to other parts through small electrical signals. Each action is executed by our body only when an electrical impulse is sent by our super powered brain. This makes our brain a control system of our body. The thoughts that generate, to the movements we make, all are controlled by our brain. So we can be pretty much sure that most of the action is controlled by our brain. So why can't we send messages not within us, but outside us. 

Yes, it can be true and also be practically implemented using what is called transcranial magnetic simulation. This thing uses weak electromagnetic induction to induce weak electrical signal in our brain. This device can be attached to our motor cortex, part of the brain that controls the movement or this can be connected to the limbic system of our body that controls our emotions. Now whatever you feel will be generated by the brain in the form of electrical signals which in turn induces the set up which will detect the type of emotions you are in. 

Now if this is detects what the emotion is, then it can be sent to a device of suitable form as an output. Say, if u want to dial a number on your phone then you just need to think. Then these signals will be detected by our system and sends it own electrical signal. If this is connected via Bluetooth, then you can easily access your mobile.  

The main practical difficulty we may face is the strength of the signal. The brain sends very weak electrical signals which are hard to detect. Since the signals are very weak to detect, there is an added possibility of mixing of some other signals at this magnitude. So it may lead to adversities. If we eliminate this mere disadvantage then it's a technology that is going to shake us all.

It will be a time to think from the brain and not from the heart, I suppose!!!