Get away from the sleep while you drive and when you have to read......

Horrible are those nights for a driver who has to drive all the night with the sleep sneaking inside his eyes. Whenever he dozes and closes his eyes, he wakes up with a jerk and grips the steering wheel and again dozes off for a second. What if he dozes off for more than a second. Can't even think of any such thing happening around!!! Aren't u??
We can't stop driving at night, and the only alternative left is stopping the driver from dozing. How can we do this?? Is there a way out?? Let's find out!!!

Get away from the sleep while you drive and when you have to read......

Yes, you heard it right. Exposure to LED light tends to evade your sleep. It stops the production of a hormone called melatonin which causes sleeping. This is why when you watch a movie in your laptop at night you do not feel sleepy even after you finish it. As the screen of the laptop is lit by the LED light it affects your body. The same thing applies to LED TV's too.

We can install these small LED lights on the dashboard or in the HUD so that the driver has a constant contact with the LED light. We can also install them inside the whole cabinet of the car but this may slightly hamper the driving. Otherwise we can install these LED lights along the roads where the roads are almost straight to a stretch of a kilometer or two as no one sleeps during the traffic jams or at curvy roads.

There may a few drawbacks as it can affects the health too. Long time and constant exposure over a period of time can cause sleeplessness too. It only prevents sleep from coming but the eyes do have the strain during long hours of journey.

Anyways if this is going to work out perfectly or not, I suppose doing this trick for the last minute preparation for exam will work out to be the best!!!