The possible way out to stop rain

We are sometimes fed up with the climate which is rarely predictable. Sometimes there turns out to be a drought like situations and sometimes there are cases of cloud burst. But in each case we have many casualties. We can't ignore this rudiment fact.
We cannot predict the nature's fury but we have our own ways to overcome those. Don't we??

The possible way out to stop rain

We have devised a method to produce artificial rain by spraying chemicals on the clouds. It loses it water holding capacity and thus the result what we call is rain. This is in simple layman's language.
Cloud seeding is done by spraying silver iodide or dry ice and sometimes liquid propane is also used. It makes the cloud cooler thus the ice nucleates to form larger drops and comes down as rain. If this is for artificial rain the reverse can be done for stopping the rain.

The method to stop the rain:
The whole process of precipitation depends on the aggregation of smaller water droplets to form bigger ones and it comes as rain. If we somehow stop the aggregation of these water droplets then there is a sure shot possibility of stopping the rain. The substance which produces instantaneous heat while combining with the moisture content can do wonders. The already cooled water droplets which is in the process of aggregation now turns into water vapour again due to the excessive local heat produced. This can make the clouds lighter and this in turn helps to avoid rain as the clouds are moved to other places due to wind.
Thus this process helps to prevent the rain in two ways:
  • ·        Making the water droplets lighter
  •          Making the cloud lighter thus helping to move along with the rain.

Possible drawbacks involved in this:
The small droplets of the chemical used could float in the atmosphere causing prolonged lower rainfall in that region thereafter. The chemicals could also impose a risk in the atmosphere and its content could reach above the safe emission levels.