what is cloning?

Do you like to have a clone of yours? Won't it be grateful? All studying work and hard and toiling work will be done by them and we can sit relaxed in the sofa and take our gaming pads and start to play. The life will be like a breeze.
But practically is it possible? Let me prove a way out!!!

Bringing bell And Einstein back to the future.....possible? - Cloning

A look into the stem cells:
Every one of us might know or at least heard about the word called " stem cells". Anyways I will give a brief idea about it. The Stem cells act more or less like the genetic material DNA. But the stem cells are the ones which are responsible for the development of different and differentiated organs in our body. It is the one which is responsible for the  overall development of our body. It is usually present in our bone marrow.
The idea of cloning another person:
Since the clone cells can more or less replicate the whole person as a whole, if we collect the stem cells of a person and allow it to regenerate in particular conditions it is possible to create the person as a whole.  Since we cannot replicate the exact conditions as that when the cells starts to develop inside a human body, we can instead allow the stem cells to grow and develop inside the surrogate mothers.
But the physical appearance and structure may vary because the real person would have been exposed to physical climatic conditions which may have changed the body structure. If he has any diseases which are not genetic then also the clone will not have that following disease.  The genetic disorders cannot be cured when cloning and will be present in the clone too. If the person has lost limbs or hands in any accidents it will not affect the clone. The knowledge gained by the actual person will not be transferred to the clone as it is gained through experience and not genetically.

So we cannot make a exact copy of a person but it will be almost a exact one.