From sand to gold? Expect it in the near future!

 We change the world with the flick of a button. We explore the space with a push of a button. Small things can't be underestimated. The potential what a small thing has, can't be imagined what huge things it can do. It maybe a small atom producing tons of unimaginable power converting itself into other atoms.

                                    From sand to gold? Expect it in the near future!

The most surprising part is that while providing this great energy the atoms convert itself into another atoms. In fusion the lighter hydrogen atoms fuses into the bigger helium atoms. The bigger uranium into fissions out to produce smaller atoms like plutonium, lead etc.
One thing that caught my attention is that ONE ELEMENT CAN CHANGE INTO ANOTHER ELEMENT.
Then why can't we produce the so called "rare" earth metals which we need it badly!!!!

If hydrogen gives helium, uranium gives plutonium then what can give us gold or diamond???
It is a new area where we can scratch our heads out!!!! What if we can get tons of gold and diamond using this known??? Wouldn't be that a mind freaking thing???


The whole system in this world moves towards the lower entropy and thereby moving towards greater stability. Since bigger atoms break down to smaller atoms for greater stability so as those smaller ones combine to form bigger ones.
Gold, one of the most stable element can be got using fusion reactions as the atomic number of gold is much higher. If suitable conditions are maintained during the process of fusion then we can achieve our desired results. 
The sparkling diamond can be yielded by the fission process of bigger atoms.


·         Is this really feasible than extracting the gold from the earth??
·         The fusion and fission reaction needs special care and this technology is greatly condemned worldwide for its ill effects.
·         The whole thing has to be properly catalysed to get the desired product otherwise it may lead to other reactions.
·         This process may yield may more elements which is not of our interest.

Student @ VIT University