how to become fair and handsome

World of today is so much obsessed about those fairness creams  that even boys are moving to those creams and other cosmetic products.
We are in a position that we can’t live without them. From latest to oldest, actress to mistress, none escape from using these products.
Hidden or Natural ones? Its your choice now

But have we ever thought for a while the aftereffects of these creams?  We apply a lot but think little short.  Let’s look at some of these advantages.

They contain artificial skin enhancing nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, E and K. Sometimes they help in treating skin problems too.
Their advantages are many to list but anything has their own darker sides. Let’s look at them too.

  •   The sweat that comes out is certainly blocked by these creams.  These creams cover the outer most layer of the skin thus blocking the pores present in the skin. Sweating is our body’s way of cooling itself. So without knowing we are causing discomfort to our body, later leading to skin related diseases.
  •    The skin sometimes gets allergic to these cosmetic items, this in turn leads to skin infections.
  •   Skin tans when we expose ourselves to the hot sun. This helps the skin in general to prevent skin burns. Applying these fairness creams tend to prevent tanning of the skin thus exposing ourselves more to sun burns. But who cares the latter part, we only look at those short term advantages.
  •  Weakening of the skin cells. We often see those actresses’s face with loose skin and wrinkles who are old now. Their skin seems very odd and different from others. Due to constant usage of these creams for those movies they acted, now their real face seems different from reel ones.
  •  Creams are put to hide pimples. They simply hide them. As soon as you stop using them they return. So we have to use them regularly so as to prevent them.

Old still remains the gold:
 These modern cosmetics tend to spoil our skin very easily. But our age old cosmetic items used by our ancestors, Turmeric to aloe vera, was the best thing. Even though it is gaining popularity nowadays, it still comes in a processed form.  Aloe vera and turmeric can easily be grown in small pots. Turmeric cures most of the skin related problems while aloe vera gives you, your much obsessed beauty.
New looks cool but a tool to spoil your natural beauty in long run. Change to natural ones now or else your natural beauty by applying those creams will always remain a mere dream!!!!

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