Beware, Mist may lead you to your Cist......

Generally everyone likes to go for a long ride in a car or just to drive in good roads. But the problem comes when it starts to rain. The problem of driving becomes complicated when you don't have to on the ac or the heater in your car. The reason behind this is that the wind shield glass becomes foggy when you close all the windows inside. Due to lack in the ventilation and humidity inside the car, the front glass becomes misty. This may lead to serious problems and it can even lead to accidents. Is there a way to stop this thing or to remove the mist that forms inside the car?? let's find out!!!

Beware, Mist may lead you to your Cist......

The main reason is due to temperature difference, the outside temperature is colder than the inside temperature and the humidity is way more outside. So when you close all the window you block the free air flowing inside and outside. So the water in the air now starts to condense along the areas where there is a contact with the external environment. So the visibility is affected as water also condenses on the window panes. In order to avoid this, we can force the dry air vertically upwards in the front glass,  now generally made of fiber glass. The same thing is done when you switch on the ac. Since the air of the ac is dry, it absorbs the moisture present in the windshield. The same thing can be done without cooling the air. This just absorbs the small water droplets or may be mist that forms inside the car.

The drawbacks may be that this may take few minutes to absorb the water droplets and the mist that had formed along the window. This also may not work if condensation is faster than the absorption, but practically inside the car it is almost impossible in this case. The dry air may also affect the passenger inside, as the skin loses it moisture and begins to crack. This may rupture the skin in extreme cases if the level of dryness is very high.