You are invincible when you are invisible

A thief wants to be invisible from the police, you want to be invisible from your mother when you break something at home and many have their own reasons to be invisible.  And whatever may be the reason the aim is same i.e. to be invisible. We must have seen this type invisibility of things happening in the magic shows and in the movies. But my question is, is this really possible??

You are invincible when you are invisible, An idea To Be invisible

Let we prove a way out to crack this reel  into reality. Before we analyse anything we must know its properties very well. Let's just have a glance over it.

The properties of the light:

We know that light can bend if the aperture of the hole is small enough and is comparable with the wavelength of the light. The main point you need to know is, you can see an object only if it reflects light.  The same object is seen dark if it absorbs the light. We can see the objects when the light falling on them enters our eyes. From a distance you can't see a transparent material as it allows the light to pass through it. And the light reflected back is so small that it gets diffused along its return part and some light energy is always absorbed by it. We can't ignore this fact.

The fact of invisibility:

Considering the above said facts, we can make the body invisible by two methods. Note that actually the object or the person doesn't get invisible. We just make others not to see them.
The method is make the light to pass through you so that you do not reflect back the light. Else you bend the light around you. This is possible when the object has minutes holes throughout such that it bends the light around you. This can be achieved through total internal reflection which states that if the light enters equal to or more than the critical angle it does not go out. It is reflected internally if the light passes from lighter to denser refractive index. The diamond is carved in such a way that light is internally reflected. And in this situation we must ensure that the light comes out from the other side. This will make an observer to perceive that there is no object in-between.

"Invisible" walls can be created using this technique. Even cloaks can be made if the material is capable of redirecting the light to such a extent. Sooner or later this definitely is going to be a reality.