Keep yourself chilled this summer......

Whats new in the store?? Something special, its time to buy that and store it in the fridge. But nowadays there is shortage of electricity whats the use of dumping it in the fridge when the electricity is not there in the house. Storing the materials in the fridge rather increases the heat inside causing the reverse effect. Then whats the real solution?? Something we need to cool the temperature down but it shouldn't use electricity. Right??
Its not at all a problem I know that, even you too do know that. But we often don't seem to notice its applications.

Keep yourself chilled this summer......

The day to day earthern pot which we are using from the ages past, uses a simple mechanism of evaporation. When the water evaportes from a surface it absorbs the heat from the surroundings and evaporates. This phenomenon is used to cool usually the water kept in the earthern pots. Why can't we try the same somewhere else??
Yes, the same concept on refrigerators!!!
The whole refrigerator can be made out of earthern clay and can be compartmentalised into small section where we can keep our things. The water can be poured just below the roof of this fridge which can be channelised through the doors of the refrigerators. When the water is allowed to come to the lower chamber, drop by drop, the heat inside the chamber is now absorbed by the water and it evaporates to the surroundings. This causes the cooling effect and the content inside is cooled at a temperature 10-20C below the room temperature!!!

  • The main drawback in this case is the use of soft and fertile soil which is required for this process. This causes soil erosion which overshadows the advantages of this method.
  • Transportation, again is a major problem as it is delicate and brittle.
  • This can't be used in cases where we require much lower temperature like in case of storing medicines. 
 The grocery items find a perfect place to store, that does not even require electricity to cool down and even it is eco-friendly way of refrigeriration!!!

Student @VIT University